About Us

David W Johnson, Fort Pierce FL

David W Johnson

Hypertext Systems is a web design company specializing in responsive website design, local search engine optimization and internet marketing consultancy.

Founded in 2003, Hypertext Systems mission is to support the local small business that doesn’t have the experience or ability to launch their internet presence.

Our primary services are:

  • Responsive and Desktop Web Design
  • Search Engine Optimization for Local Websites
  • Internet Marketing Consultancy for Local Businesses

Hypertext Systems brings to the table 35 years of data processing and business analysis skills that provide our clients the desired results for connecting customers to their products and services.

Questions and Answers

Q. How did you get started?

A. Hypertext Systems was born from a 26 year data processing career consisting of mainframe application and database design, operating system administration, and systems and programming management.

Q. What do you wish customers knew about your profession or trade?

A. Having a website built is not about technology, but a union of market analysis, and buyer psychology. The next door neighbor’s kid may know all about Flash, HTML, and Java, but what you really want is someone closer to Bill Gates.

Q. What areas of your trade do you specialize in?

A. Hypertext Systems specialty is web design and internet marketing consultancy for local small business.

Q. What questions should a customer ask before hiring a professional in your trade?

A. Aside from technical prowess, what business skills do you have that will better convey my business as the right solution for my customers.

Q. What information do you recommend to have readily available before looking for a professional in your trade?

A. Before looking for someone, you should begin with the understanding that the Internet is constantly evolving and it is not about putting something up and calling it a day. If you do, it’s a quick buck for the professional. Conversely, you want a professional who will guide your decision to a platform that will foster and grow your success in the internet sphere.

Q. What would you recommend customers looking to save money?

A. The real question to ask is what VALUE will I be receiving for the money I’m willing to commit.

Q. What brands or products do you work with?

A. Hypertext Systems primary web design platform is WordPress. WordPress is so popular around the world that an untold number of add-on programming snippets can provide just about any functional request a customer may have for their website project. In turn, this helps to lower the cost for the customer because what they are asking for already exists for little or no cost.

Q. What services do you provide your customers after the work has finished?

A. Hypertext Systems provides at no charge the small incidental requests the customer didn’t think of during the project.

If you need assistance with you next website project, please Contact Us and we’ll see what we can do for you.