Don’t Get Banned By The Ping Services

If you’ve developed your website in WordPress, you might not be aware that your WordPress website will “ping” your added or updated Posts to ping services.

Ping Services

Ping = Worldwide Distribution

What is ping and ping services?

When you add or update a post entry, a notification (ping) is made to other websites (ping services) that broadcast your post entry to search engines and aggregators so everyone in the Internet world knows about your post.

By default, WordPress will ping your Post every time you update the content. You don’t want this to happen because the ping services will think you are spamming them with the same content and may ban your website from their pinging service.

One great feature of WordPress is plugins. Plugins are snippets of programming code you can add to your WordPress installation. If you need your website to do something, most likely someone has written a free plugin to do exactly what you want done.

To solve the ping issue I’m referring to, you want a plugin that will ping your Post only when it’s created.

Take a look at the free plugin MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer. I’m using it myself on this website and it works perfectly!

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