What is Responsive Web Design

A responsive website design, like this one, will dynamically change its appearance based on the device (desktop, tablet, mobile) it will display to.

As the mobile smart phone becomes more commonplace as the primary device for accessing the Internet, it’s important your website be able to display properly on  a smart phone display. In homes and business, tablets are gaining more popularity than laptops because of their lower cost, ease of use and portability.

LCD Monitor, Smartphone, Tablet

Responsive Web Design – Website for All Devices

As to be expected, a tablet and smart phone screen display is much smaller than the standard desktop display, so it would be advantageous for your website to adapt to the smaller screen displays.

If you have an existing website that is not incorporating responsive web design, take a look at the devices to the right and imagine your desktop website display on the smart phone and tablet.

To see what this responsive designed website looks like on a tablet and mobile smart phone, click the appropriate buttons below. You can also check out your existing website or any other to see how it would display on a tablet or mobile smart phone.


Tablet web browser

Mobile Smartphone

mobile smartphone web browser

Check if a website is using Responsive Web Design

Browser Address Bar

Enter website URL, then click any button below.

The usage of tablets and smartphones are increasing every day and a responsive designed website will deliver the best user experience across all devices.

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