Small Business Website Design

Brick and Mortar, and Online Store

Taking your business online

In many ways, a website is your digital brick and mortar business on the Internet. Just like the mailing address your postman delivers mail to, your web URL delivers your customers to the same business in the digital world.

A very short 15 years ago, it did take a geek with taped glasses to create a website. With the advancement of technology, there are now many every day tools and services where the average person can create their own website with virtually no knowledge of web design or its technology.

But the effectiveness of today’s website requires a much broader understanding beyond the technology of building the website itself.

15 years ago, creating a website was about technology. Today, creating a website is about technology, business analysis, and internet psychology.

Before deciding whether you should create your website yourself, take a look at our blog post Should You Make You Own Website.

Our Approach to Web Design

For a professional, the technologies used to build a website are actually the easiest part once you learn how to use the tool.

The toughest challenge for the web designer, and the business owner, is to understand what the customer wants and then present it to them in a manner that will get them to take action.

This is where we believe business analysis and internet psychology comes into play. Know and understand your customer, and then present the solution to them.

At Hypertext Systems, we believe in taking the time to understand your business and customers to develop the right website system for you.

One Website For All Devices

LCD Monitor, Smartphone, Tablet

Website for All Devices

Only a few years ago, businesses and web designers only had to concern themselves with desktop monitors. Fast forward to today, and there be millions, and growing, of mobile smart phones and tablets like the iPad that are internet enabled.

If you’ve done your looking around before ending up here, you’ve probably noticed this fact has left many do-it-yourself services and most web design companies not ready or able to service these device types.

Enter Responsive Web Design.

What is it? Take a look at our page Responsive Web Design to get an understanding of this technology.

Hypertext Systems primary web design methodology is responsive web design. We believe this technology will service your customers and your business far greater than the standard desktop web design. Today’s customer is on the go because technology lets them be. If your website can’t service them where they are, you’re losing out on additional business and revenue.

Of course this doesn’t mean we don’t do desktop web design, we’re simply pointing out where we believe future websites are going.

If you believe we can be of assistance to you with your next website project, please Contact Us and let’s see what we can do for you.